Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham


Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham (1852–1936) was a Scottish politician, author, and journalist. After being involved in the Liberal Party and the Scottish Labour Party, Graham was one of founders of the National Party of Scotland and later served as the first president of the Scottish National Party. His prolific and diverse literary output includes essays on politics and history, biographical works, poetry, travelogues, and short stories.

Publications in Erskine’s Periodicals

  • ‘Tobar na Reil,’ Guth na Bliadhna, Volume II, 1905, Issue 2
  • ‘The Gray Kirk,’ Guth na Bliadhna, Volume III, 1906, Issue 1
  • ‘Dagos,’ Guth na Bliadhna, Volume III, 1906, Issue 3
  • ‘Falkirk Tryst,’ Guth na Bliadhna, Volume IX, 1912, Issue 3
  • ‘Prince Charlie’s Pilot,’ Guth na Bliadhna, Volume X, 1913, Issue 3