Patrick S. Dinneen


Patrick S. Dinneen | Pádraig Ua Duinnín (1860–1934) was an Irish priest, writer, and lexicographer, author of the seminal Irish–English dictionary (1904, 1927). He was involved in the Irish Texts Society, producing editions of poetry and historical writing, and he also translated into Irish.

Publications in Erskine’s Periodicals

  • ‘Eire agus Alba,’ Guth na Bliadhna, Volume II, 1905, Issue 3
  • ‘Saothrughadh na Teangan,’ Guth na Bliadhna, Volume VIII, 1911, Issue 4
  • ‘Breacadh Lae an Chreidimh ar Eirinn,’ Guth na Bliadhna, Volume IX, 1912, Issue 4


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