Niall MacLeòid

Neil MacLeod | Niall MacLeòid (c. 1845, Glendale – 1913) was a poet and songwriter. He moved to Edinburgh, joined his cousin’s tea business as a travelling agent, and achieved popularity and fame with the volume Clàrsach an Doire (1883), becoming an important figure in the Lowland Gaelic cultural scene. His father was the poet Domhnall MacLeòid (known as ‘Dòmhnall nan Òran’).

Malcolm MacFarlane | Calum MacPhàrlain commented on his work in the essay ‘Bàrdachd an Latha ’n Diugh III,’ Guth na Bliadhna, Vol. VI, Issue 2 (Spring 1909), and the quarterly also published an elegy for him, ‘Marabh-Rann do Niall MacLeòid’, Volume XI, Issue 1 (Spring 1914) by Duncan Johnston | Donnchadh MacIain.

Publications in Erskine’s Periodicals

Am Bàrd

  • ‘Fàilte do’n Bhàrd’ [poem, GD], Volume I, Issue 1 (May 1901)

Guth na Bliadhna

  • ‘Donnchadh Bàn Mac an t-Saoir’ [essay, GD], Volume II, Issue 3 (Summer 1905)


  • ‘Iasgaich a’ Ghiomaich’, ‘Achain nan Croitearan’ [songs, GD], Saturday 18 April 1908
  •  ‘Bidh Seumas Leam An Nochd’ [song, GD], Saturday 9 May 1908