François Jaffrennou

François Jaffrennou (15 March 1879, Carnoët – 23 March 1956), also known as ‘Taldir ab Hernin,’ was a Breton author, editor, and supporter of Breton nationalism and the Pan-Celtic movement. He was involved in running Breton periodicals, such as Ar Vro, Ar Bobl, and An Oaled. His prevalently Breton literary output includes four volumes of poetry. His translation of the Welsh ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ by James James and Evan James, ‘Bro Gozh ma Zadoù’ in Breton, has been adopted as the Breton national anthem.

Publications in Erskine’s Periodicals

  • ‘Les Devoirs de Celtes’ [essay, FR], Am Bàrd, Volume I, Issue 3 (July 1901)
  • ‘The Congress of the Breton Regional Union,’ [letter to the editor, ENG], Am Bàrd, Volume I, Issue 4 (August 1901)
  • ‘Guthan na h-Oidhche’, ‘An Calman’ [translations of poems by François Jaffrennou into Gaelic] [poetry, GD], Am Bàrd, Volume I, Issue V (September 1901)