Angus Robertson


Aonghas MachDhonnchaidh | Angus Robertson (Breakish, 6 October 1871 Bearsden, 21 October 1948) was born and raised in Skye. He later moved to Glasgow where he worked for a publishing firm, and became involved in the cultural life of the city, including the activities of An Comunn Gàidhealach. He is the author of one of the two earliest Gaelic novels, An t-Ogha Mór (The Great Grandchild, 1913). Extracts from the novel initially appeared in An Sgeulaiche. Apart from fiction, Robertson also wrote poetry, and a collection of his verse appeared in the 1940 volume Cnoc an Fhradhairc.

Publications in Erskine’s Periodicals

  • ‘Mac Fhraing mu Dheireadh’ [prose], An Sgeulaiche, Volume I, Issue 2, October 1909
  • ‘Ceòl nan Claidheamh Dearga’ [prose], An Sgeulaiche, Volume I, Issue 4, December 1909